12 JulMFDA Ghana June 2010

Last month I visited the Mandy Fouracre Dance Academy (MFDA)  in Accra, Ghana (West Africa). MFDA resides within Pippa’s Health & Fitness Centre  in Accra.  It was at the Ringway location in Osu  that the demonstration DVD for the Lafour Prima Dance syllabus was filmed in 2006.

[Lafour Prima Dance 1/2/3 & 4 is a 4 year dance programme created specifically to teach dance to  young children aged between 3yrs and 8yrs].

MFDA has expanded and is now established at two further locations in Ghana. One at the new Pippa’s Health & Fitness Centre at East Legon and another at  Pippas Health Centre,Tema.

The purpose of the June visit was twofold:

1. To monitor and assess all the children participating in the Lafour Prima Dance annual Awards


2. To monitor, evaluate and assess the Ghanaian teachers who were selected in May 2008 to receive training on the Lafour Prima Dance programme with a view to teaching the dance programme to young children.

In the next few posts we will look at the assessment and evaluation of the June visit to MFDA which may be of particular interest to those dance teachers and dance teachers in training who find themselves in a similar situation.

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