13 JulCoping with an increased demand for pre school dance classes

Increase in the number of venues together with an increase in pupil registration is a very positive and pleasing sign of business growth.

In many countries there appears to be a seemingly endless demand for dance classes for children aged 3 – 5yrs. This is very much the case in Ghana. More classes to meet the demand have to be scheduled at appropriate times in the day. The time of day may vary slightly but generally speaking dance classes for younger children are best scheduled early afternoon or in the morning.

More children, more classes require more teachers. 

Two years ago this was the stage that had been reached. But where to find more teachers in a country where MFDA is the only dance academy of its type and where there are no colleges or institutions offering the relevant and appropriate training  to teachers. 

And the solution?

In 2008 with the support of the teaching faculty at Legon University 10 Ghanaian students from the African studies department at Legon University were interviewed and selected to participate in an intensive week of training. At the end of that week 3 students from the 10 were selected to continue with a training programme  to enable them to teach the Lafour Prima Dance at levels 1 & 2 (3-5yrs).

The visit that I made to Ghana last month was in part to monitor and assess the 3 Ghanaian students who were selected to continue with the Lafour Prima Dance teacher training.

And the outcome?

They were excellent.

More in next post.

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