03 OctIs it right that dance teachers are expected to teach all age groups – take 2

In the Jan 4th post  this year I raised the question of  whether it is right that dance  teachers are expected to  teach all age groups. I posed the possibility of perhaps training teachers to specialise in the teaching of dance to specific age groups eg early years or secondary (3-5yrs or 11-16yrs) in much the same way that teachers in the education sector are trained.

This idea of training teachers to teach a specific age group  has been adopted and followed through in Ghana to a really successful conclusion. It has produced a small team of excellent early years dance teachers. It has also given three Ghanaian students a career path and a secure employment opportunity. 

As the demand for pre school dance classes continues in Ghana this demand can now be met by the newlt trained early years dance teacher specialists. More classes can be scheduled. 

These teachers will, in turn, be able to mentor new teachers in training  thus solving a recurring problem with regard to teacher recruitment.

Apart from anything else this makes sound business sense. More children, more classes, more teachers, more income.

It’s a win win situation.

Would anyone else be interested in this approach?

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