25 MarObserving & listening

This title specifically with regard to teaching may appear to be something of an obvious statement for any teacher reading this Blog. Clearly these are skills that one would assume to be fundamental requirements for all teachers. They go hand in hand. Observing children in the class is a highly valuable teaching tool. In a dance class it must be said that although verbal dialogue does take place once the class has begun it is usually kept to a minimum.

Obvious though the statement may be it will be no surprise to many that in reality ie in the dance space with the children both these fundamental requirements can so easily become squeezed out for a variety of reasons:

  • Class size
  • Trying to keeping control
  • Thinking what to do next
  • Operating the CD player
  • Class duration

In the next few posts I intend to take a look at these topics particularly in relation to the teaching of dance to the younger age groups.

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