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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Dance Teacher Training and Qualifications

Deciding to train to become a dance teacher is the first step on what has become a complex and often confusing journey.
A plethora of colleges and universities offer courses of study to degree or diploma level. Degree status gained at universities and Further education colleges generally leads to employment in secondary schools and colleges in the public sector.

In the private dance sector students usually study to gain a teaching qualification from an awarding dance body or teaching society, enabling them to enter students for that organisation's examinations. The Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET) currently has four registered and accredited dance awarding bodies.

The degree or diploma qualification gained in any of these 4 organisations is 'tied in' to the learning of the particular syllabus specific to the organisation offering the degree or diploma .

This is quite restrictive. Within the current system there seems to be little flexibility. In the private sector a teacher is locked in to the particular organisation which provided the training and accreditation. The current system also means that a teacher accredited by one Dance Organisation in the private sector would need to pay to register with another dance organisation.
There is also very little opportunity to move freely between the private and public sectors because of the different qualification requirements.

Would it not be clearer and simpler for there to be one qualification at degree or diploma level for all trainee dance teachers that would lead to a National Qualified Dance Teacher status ie A National qualification. This would demystify the confusing number of Dance Teaching qualifications currently available and provide parents with a recognisable qualification status when choosing a dance teacher and dance classes for their child.
Those with Qualified Dance Teacher status could then choose the syllabus or syllabi that they wish to teach rather than being locked in to one system over another. Surely this would allow teachers to teach more creatively and be free to think outside each Organisation's box.


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