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Monday, 1 February 2010

Proposal for a new qualification: Early Years Dance specialist

Before attempting to add this latest post I have spent some time investigating the courses and accreditation options available to those wishing to train to become practitioners or carers of early years. On investigation it seems that an accredited course or qualification for those wishing to teach dance to early years is absent. Even the availability of CPD courses are few in number and very general in content.
In the previous post I suggested that the teaching of dance to early years could be effectively taught by anyone with a competent level of physical demonstration together with knowledge of the stage of development of the specific age group. In addition they would also require an age appropriate dance programme on which they could reliably depend.
If such an accredited course was available I am convinced that there would be a take up by many young people (and not so young!) who are looking to work in the early years sector.
Imagine for example if a classroom assistant, a nursery assistant or a playworker also had
a specialism in early years dance. They would bring a new specialised skill to the workplace.
This would not only be of benefit to the centre of learning but more importantly to the children themselves.
Since creating the Lafour Prima Dance programme and running trial workshops in nursery schools I have become increasingly aware of the potential benefit that there would be to the takeup of this initiative.
I do have the expertise, the experience and an effective dance programme which has been trialled and tested. The workshops that I've run have been practical and for the purpose of accreditation would need to be 'academised'. It would be a very welcome project though and I would love the opportunity to develop such a course.
Admittedly it feels as though I am rather a lone voice on the subject but if this is an idea which resonates with anyone it would be interesting to hear your comments.


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