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Monday, 8 February 2010

Children reluctant to join in the dance class: New students 1

When assembling the children prior to entering the dance space if a child is noticeably reluctant try asking whether he or she would like to help you lead the train.
A hand puppet or soft toy is useful in this situation as an intermediary. Introduce for example Dancing Bear (hand puppet) and perhaps say that it's the first time that Dancing Bear has come to the class and is feeling a bit shy (perhaps hide him a little behind your back).
Ask the children if they would wave to him so that he feels a little bit happier and knows that they want to be his friend.
Then bring Dancing Bear slowly out from behind your back and make him wave to all the children. Pretend that he wants to tell you something. Mime 'listening' to him and say that he wants to thank the children for making friends with him. Also say that Dancing Bear would like to stand next to the 'reluctant' child to make a train into the dancing space if that's alright.
Using Dancing Bear to express feelings that the child perhaps can identify with can lead to a feeling of inclusion which hopefully will enable him or her to join in with confidence.


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