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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Children who don't want to join in the dance class. 2

As I have mentioned previously, knowing the individual personalities of each child is hugely important to the smooth running of the class. If a child suddenley announces that she doesn't want to join in the teacher has to make an instant decision.

Is the child ill? Is she playing up?Is she used to getting her own way?Is she unhappy?Does she need to use the bathroom?
If the teacher knows each individual personality she will be far better informed to deal with each of these situations as they arise.

For example if a child who normally joins in happily and is quite settled in the class announces that he doesn't feel very well then it is likely to be true. In this instance perhaps ask the child what is wrong, ask if they felt unwell before coming to class. Perhaps 'test' them by asking if they would like to be the leader in a dance movement which the teacher knows is something that the child normally enjoys. If the answer is no and the child's response appears genuine the teacher should say that the parent of the child will be told at the end of class and then suggest that the child sits down to rest.

The teacher should also make clear to the child that sitting down does mean sitting still and not playing.

The teacher should then keep an eye on the child and if he continues to sit quietly then this is also a sign that the child is genuinely unwell.

This is one approach for dealing with a child who is normally a happy participant in the dance class.


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